About Augusta Sportsmans Club

Although it started out as The Eau Claire County Conservation League in 1937 with about 300 members, the first official meeting was in January of 1935. Members were from Eau Claire, Altoona, Fall Creek, Augusta, Osseo & Fairchild.

The club's objective was (taken directly from their constitution):
     — the preservation of game & game fishes and song & insect-eating birds
     — to procure the enactment of desirable legislation insuring a better protection of game & game fish and song & insect-eating birds
     — to lend assistance in the proper enforcement of game laws & in general, to promote a closer unity of fellowship among all true sportsmen & lovers of nature

The club was setup with 9 directors with elected officers. The same officers are still elected today.
     — President
     — Vice President
     — Secretary/Treasurer

September, 1947 - first parcel of land was purchased for $1.00
June, 1948 - recognized as an organization by the State of Wisconsin
July, 1948 - another parcel of land was purchased
August, 1975 - name changed to Augusta Area Sportsman's Club

The club started out with just 1 shelter building, later adding 2 more & converting the original into the main clubhouse. There was only 1 trap house at the beginning. 2 more were added in later years.

Bathrooms were added to the clubhouse sometime in the past 20 years. During this time the 22 Pistol range was built and most recently, the 10 Pistol bays were added. In 2017 the last addition to the clubhouse was added with walk-in cooler and storage.

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